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Contour Integral Analysis of Stepped Impedance Low Pass Microstrip Filters
R. N. Baral, P. K. Singhal and P. C. Sharma

Modern communication systems require ever higher performing components at a lower cost and a smaller size. Microstrip technology has been shown to be amenable to miniaturization as long as it is designed correctly. In this paper a microstrip low pass filter has been developed that is completely planar, or in other words requires no surface mounted components. There is no perturbation of the ground plane necessary and it has an extremely small area. Design and analysis of the stepped impedance microstrip low pass filter has been described using moments method commercial software tool. Simulated and measured results of the filter have been analyzed. Further both the responses are compared with the analytical result obtained through contour integral method and thoroughly discussed.

Keywords: Contour integral analysis, fortran-4, glass/epoxy, IE3D, low pass filter (LPF), microstrip, stepped impedance configuration.

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