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Harmonic and Intermodulation Performance of Carbon-Nanotube-Based Nanorelay
Muhammad Taher Abuelma’atti

In this paper a mathematical model; basically a Fourier-series model, is proposed for the current-voltage characteristics of a Carbon-Nanotube (CNT)-based nanorelay. Using this model closed-form expressions for the amplitudes of the harmonic and intermodulation components of the drain current of a CNT-based nanoraely, excited by a source-to-gate voltage comprising a multisinusoidal signal superimposed on a DC bias voltage, are obtained. These expressions, basically in terms of the ordinary Bessel functions, can be used for investigating the harmonic and intermodulation performance of the CNT-based nanorelay excited by a multisinusoidal signal. The results obtained from the special case of a two-tone equalamplitude signal are given in detail.

Keywords: Harmonic, intermodulation, carbon-nanotube, nanorelay.

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