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Study of Quantum and Classical Transport in 25 nm Omega FinFET under Gamma Radiation: 3D Simulation Study
S. S. Rathod, A. K. Saxena and S. Dasgupta

This paper reports the effects of Gamma dose irradiation on 25 nm Omega FinFET. Study of multiple gates Omega FinFET that has a good control over body potential is an interesting and motivating structure for analyzing Gamma radiation effects concerning radiation hardened applications. By the virtue of its geometry, it should be less susceptible to the radiations as compared to single gate or double gate technologies. Omega FinFET is three dimensional in nature and therefore any meaningful process or device simulation must be performed in three dimensions. Quantum effects play major role in nano scaled devices. The impact of quantum confinement effects on the response of 25 nm Omega FinFET to Gamma irradiation is investigated using 3D quantum simulations. Results for classical and quantum transport models under low and high drain bias are compared. Gamma irradiation is performed for dose variation from 100 Krad (low injection regime) to 10 Mrad (high injection regime). Effect of irradiation on band structure, electron/hole density, total current density, mobility, fields, potential, electron temperature and generation recombination rate are computed. Disparity among quantum and classical transport results show that it is necessary to include quantum effects. As compared to single gate technologies parameters do not degrade appreciably after irradiation.

Keywords: FinFET, SEU, Radiation Effects, TCAD Modeling, Simulation.

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