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New Active Circulator Circuits Using Balanced Output CCII and Balanced Output ICCII
Ahmed M Soliman

Eight novel active circulator circuits using Balanced Output Current Conveyors (BOCCII) or Balanced Output Inverting Current Conveyors (BOICCII) or combination of both are introduced. The first proposed circulator circuit uses three BOCCII and three grounded resistors. The second proposed circulator circuit uses three BOICCII and three grounded resistors. Six additional circulator circuits using combinations of the BOCCII and BOICCII together with three grounded resistors are also discussed very briefly.

Spice simulation results using 0.5 μm CMOS model from MOSIS are included to support the theoretical analysis. Comparisons between two different CMOS circuits of the BOCCII in realizing the circulator are included.

Keywords: Active Circulators, Op Amps, Balanced output current conveyors.

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