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Systematic Generation and Design of Multiple Loop Feedback MOCCCII and Grounded Capacitor Based Filter
Neeta Pandey and Sajal K. Paul

A generalized electronically tunable biquad configuration based on multiple output current controlled conveyor (MOCCCII) is proposed. The configuration is based on multiple loop feedback and employs three MOCCCIIs and two grounded capacitors. The usage of grounded capacitors allows absorption of parasitic capacitances as well as helps in minimizing chip area and thus makes the structure suitable for monolithic integration. The structure is capable of generating many universal and multifunction filters and posses attractive features such as orthogonal tunability of filter parameters and low sensitivity performance. The practical design problems due to nonlinearities of MOCCCIIs have also been addressed. The feasibility of the realization strategy is confirmed via SPICE simulations and discussed for current controlled conveyor implemented in translinear form.

Keywords: Current conveyors; biquadratic filter; electronically tunable filters.

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