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A CA-Based Model with Virtual Field for Guided Evacuation of People with Motion Difficulties
E. Spartalis, I. G. Georgoudas and G. Ch. Sirakoulis

This paper presents a Cellular Automata (CA) based model that simulates movement of pedestrians with motion difficulties, such as elderly people and further focuses on how such groups can be guided within specific areas, as for example a nursing home. The model is originated by a virtual potential field. The aim of the model is to provide valuable information regarding the dynamics of their motion and to propose advanced layout settings of the corresponding places, in order to optimize the safety levels. Various scenarios are studied that include different layouts, presence of obstacles, group categorisation, crowd guiding and fire spreading. Simulation results confirm that the model can be proven a helpful tool, in order spatial parameters that affect evacuation time to be defined as well as personnel to be trained in guiding weak people.

Keywords: Cellular automata, pedestrian movement, static model, dynamic model, crowd guiding, crowd evacuation, virtual field.

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