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Ad-hoc Ma’qeli Script Generation Using Block Cellular Automata
Seyyed Amir Hadi Minoofam, Mohammad Mahdi Dehshibi, Azam Bastanfard and Parvin Eftekhari

Although the capability and productivity of Cellular Automata (CA) entice researchers to bring them into focus, a few works have been reported on utilization of CA in the field of script generation. The focus of this research is not only on generating a type of ancient Persian script, so-called Ma’qeli, using block cellular automata with Margolus neighborhood, but also on defining a set of optimum rules in order to reduce the numbers and conditions of generating steps. We also compare three different cellular automata based methods of the script generation and demonstrate that the method presented outperforms other techniques in three aspects, which are the time complexity in word production, simplicity of extracted rules, and possible reusability of the cellular automata rules in generating other script patterns in other languages.

Keywords: Block cellular automata; Margolus neighborhood; Ma’qeli Script; Pattern generation

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