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CLINICAL REPORT: Lipoma of round ligament on the intraperitoneal portion (abdominal site): a case report
Ozhan Ozdemir, Mustafa Erkan Sari, Vefa Selimova Sakar, Mehriban Nebioglu and Cemal Resat Atalay

Primary tumors of round ligament are rare, and when found are typically leiomyomas. Endometrioma, and mesothelial cysts are the benign lesions recognized as involving the round ligament. We report a case of lipoma of the round ligament in a 48-year-old premenopausal woman. Round ligament lipoma on the intraperitoneal portion (abdominal site) is very rare and it should be kept in the differential diagnosis of ovarian and abdominal masses.

Keywords: Round ligament, Lipoma, Abdominal mass

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