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Basal cell adenoma of palatal glands
Gayathri Ramesh, Amrita Raj, Ramesh Nagarajappa and Amit Pandey

Salivary gland neoplasms represent less than 3% of all tumors in the general population of which benign adenomas account for 65.5%. Basal cell adenoma which is classified as a subtype of monomorphic adenomas accounts for 1–2% of all salivary gland epithelial tumors, and more than 80% of them arise in the major salivary glands, mostly the parotid gland and has female predominance reporting mostly in the elderly age groups. We here report a case of basal cell adenoma of trabecular type in a male patient of age 45 years in the minor salivary glands of left posterior palatal region.

Keywords: Adenoma; Basal cell; Palate; Salivary Gland.

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