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The influence of different peptide combinations to increase the immunogenicity of the Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone Vaccine for prostate cancer treatment
Franklin Fuentes Aguilar, Jesús Junco Barranco, Lesvia Calzada, Aguilera, Eddy Bover Fuentes, Jose André Serradelo Leal, Eduardo Hernández López, Eulogio Pimentel Vázquez, Roberto Basulto Baker, Osvaldo Reyes Acosta, Hilda Garay Pérez and Gerardo Guillén Nieto

Purpose: Therapeutic vaccines, specifically the Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) vaccine, are considered an additional therapeutic option for advanced stage prostate cancer. Our work showed amplification of the immune response when combining two peptides with and without the Very Small Size Proteoliposomes (VSSP). VSSP is a potent adjuvant for dendritic cells activation and Th1 differentiation as enhanced immune response.

Methods: The test was carried out in Copenhagen rats as animal model.

Results: The use of both peptides and their combination with VSSP generated a potentiation of the immune response statistically superior, in term of generating anti GnRH antibody and effects on target organs, when it was compared with the effects which occurs with independent peptides and with and without the VSSP. These results can find application in the development of GnRH vaccine candidates and in peptide based vaccine strategies.

Conclusions: Immunization with the peptide combination enhances the immune response when mixed with the VSSPs

Keywords: Cancer vaccines; GnRH, VSSP, Gonadotrophin, Peptide, Proteoliposomes

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