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Pure large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of ovary: A rare clinical entity
Melike Doğanay, Nagihan Cengaver, Kanşav Tunç Kızılkanat, Murat Öz, Serap Akbay and Mahmut Kuntay Kokanali

Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma (LCNEC) of the ovary is a rare tumour. Its pure form without any associated surface epithelial stromal or germ cell component is more rarely seen. Its prognosis is generally very poor even when the diagnosis is made at an early stage. We report a case of pure large cell neuroendocrine tumour of ovary. The patient was a 73-year-old woman with symptom of pelvic pain. Ultrasonography detected an abdominal tumour larger than 10 cm. She underwent an exploratory laparotomy with resection of the pelvic mass. After the surgery six cycles of chemotherapy (Etoposide and Cisplatin) were administered to the woman. She is still healthy after the last chemotherapy. Due to the rarity of the disease, few number of reported cases and the lack of systematic population based studies or registry data, we reported this case.

Keywords: neuroendocrine, carcinoma, ovary

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