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Clear cell variant of Oral Squamous cell carcinoma
Priya Sahni, Neetu Sinha, Rajesh Kumar and Aanchal Sharma

Among the various histopathological variants of oral squamous cell carcinoma, clear cell variant is a rarity. (1) This report is a compilation of two cases which showed the presence of clear cells. The clear cells were of koilocytic type. Although clear cell variant of squamous cell carcinoma is more common in skin, few cases have been found in oral region also. (2) This variant is considered more aggressive than the others, and hence requires more aggressive treatment protocol. Being rare, the percentage of clear cells determines whether it should be considered as a clear cell variant. The literature has been evaluated for similar cases, and discussed about the clear cells and their origin. An effort has also been made to compile the reported cases of clear cell variant of OSCC.

Keywords: aggressive, clear cell, koilocyte, skin, rare variant

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