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A patient with metastatic colon cancer to the liver presenting with cardiac arrest status post receiving combination Irinotecan-Panitumumab: a case report
Bassem Mohammad Toema

Panitumumab is a recombinant human Immunoglobulin G antibody. Irinotecan is an S-phase cell cycle specific plant alkaloid. Life threatening adverse events occur with Panitumumab-chemotherapy combination. A Fifty three years old male with metastatic colon cancer to the liver started Panitumumab- Irinotecan palliative combination chemotherapy. On cycle two day twenty six the patient presented in the emergency room with cardiac arrest. Suggested evidence linking the association of the drug to the event includes knowing that Panitumumab and Irinotecan can contribute to all other possible causes of cardiac arrest, temporal relationship and pharmacological time plausibility, and recognized association with the product or the class. It is possible that there is a true association linking cardiac arrest to Irinotecan- Panitumumab combination. The aim of reporting this adverse event is to emphasize the recommendations of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network of discontinuing the use of Panitumumab-chemotherapy combination in metastatic colon cancer patients.

Keywords: Oncology, Chemotherapy, Monoclonal Antibodies, Adverse reactions, Clinical Practice Guidelines

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