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Multi-Wavelength Tunable and Mode-Locked Fiber Ring Laser Employing a Sampled Fiber Bragg Grating
Jianlang Yang and Zhaohua Guo

A novel multi-wavelength and wavelength-tunable Erbium-doped fiber ring laser source constructed using a sampled fiber Bragg grating is presented. It can give simultaneously 6-multiwavelength with an identical wavelength spacing of 1.6nm and can be tuned up to 16 nm (200GHz) in equal steps. The total power output over the tuning range is above -3 dBm; the 3-dB line-width is 0.01 nm, and the side mode suppression ratio is more than 30 dB. Using the active mode-locking technique, single-mode operation is achieved. The highest harmonic order of mode-locking frequency achieved is 130, the repetition rate and pulse-width of the mode-locked pulses are 1.277GHz and 385 ps, respectively.

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