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Surface Texture Measurement to Estimate Corrosion of Mild Steels Using a Laser Fibre Optic Sensor System
A. Balaji Ganesh and T.K. Radhakrishnan

This paper presents an optoelectronic system to estimate the degree of corrosion of mild steels. The and detector fibres are held at different angles to probe the changes in surface texture due to atmospheric corrosion. The fibre optic sensor system consists of laser light as a source and a pair of photo diodes as detectors. This work is based on the theory of scattering of light by objects. The degree of corrosion of metals is estimated as the ratio between scattered and reflected intensities in a relative scale from zero to one hundred. The results obtained show a consistent relationship between the optical measurements and the level of corrosion. This work suggests the possibility of using the surface roughness factor to measure the degree of corrosion of metals.

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