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Monte Carlo Simulations of the Formation of Speckles with Nanofluids
M. Qian, X.W. Ni, Z. H. Shen, J. Lu, Q. Li and Y. M. Xuan

The Monte Carlo method is used to simulate the light propagation in nanofluids, and thus to understand the interesting phenomena, which are formed as speckles are when nano-fluids are illuminated by laser light [1]. A physical model has been created, considering the random collisions between photons and nano-particles and yet another model has been produced, which considered that nano-particles are evenly distributed in the vessel containing the nano-fluids. On the basis of these two models, light propagation in nano-fluids is simulated by tracking the movement of each photon thereby obtaining the photon distribution on the receiving screen. The simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental phenomenon and the speckle-formation-mechanism has been resolved.

Keywords: Monte Carlo method, nano-particles, nanofluids, speckles.

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