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Gamma Ray Radiation-induced Attenuation of a Silicon Multimode Fibre Transmitting a 1310 nm Laser Beam
R. Hou, S-H. Zhao, J. Hao, J. Xu, J-L. Wu, Y-H. Ni and L. Ma

To elucidate the total dose effect on optical fibres an experiment was developed to deliver gamma radiation to a silicon multimode fibre transmitting a 1310 nm laser beam. The radiation-induced attenuations of 5 m and 3 m long fibres under total doses of 104 rad and 105 rad were found to be 19.68 dB/km and 79.70 dB/km, respectively. There was no obvious spectral variation after radiation. The optical recovery process of the 5 m fibre was found 80 minutes after radiation, while the radiation-induced attenuation of the 3 m fibre was seen to decrease during the testing time of 100 mins.

Keywords: Gamma ray, total dose effect, laser beam, attenuation, optical recovery

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