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Kinetic Modelling of a Pulsed CO2 Laser
A. M. Koushki, S. Jelvani, K. Silakhori and H. Saeedi

This paper presents a theoretical model based on the laser rate equations and the electrical circuit equations to describe pulsed CO2 laser characteristics. The dependence of laser output power and pulse shape on several parameters such as gas temperature, gas velocity, gas pressure, input power, gas pressures ratio, reflectivity of the output mirror, electrodes length and discharge gap have been investigated. This model can provide a theoretical basis for the design and analysis of TEA CO2 lasers. There was good agreement between the theoretical prediction and the experimental result.

Keywords: CO2 laser, pulsed laser beam, kinetic modelling, numerical solution, laser rate equations, electrical circuit equations, pulse forming network (PFN) equations

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