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Analytic Solution of Laser Short-Pulse Heating of a Metallic Surface: Exponential Pulse Case
H.M. Al-Theeb and B. S. Yilbas

In this present study the electron kinetic theory approach is used to model energy transfer between the lattice and electron sub-systems due to different shaped exponential laser pulses, while keeping the value of energy for each pulse on the same value. The Laplace transform method and numerical method are applied to solve the governing equation of non-equilibrium energy transport in the lattice and electron sub-systems. Temperature predictions of the numerical simulations and temperature distribution obtained from the analytical solution are found to be in a good agreement. The results showed that the electron temperature reaches the highest value for the second exponential pulse compared with the first exponential pulse.

Keywords: Laser, short-pulse, heating, metal, electron, lattice site, exponential pulse

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