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Characterization of Weld Bead Geometry in Fibre Laser Butt Welding of Mild Steel Sheets by Means of Statistical Modelling
R.M. Eghlio, A.J. Pinker ton and L. Li

This paper presents the effect of process parameters on the geometry characteristics in butt welding of 1.5 mm mild steel sheets using a 1 kW single mode fibre laser at a range of laser powers, welding speeds and laser focal point position. Experiments were planned using the statistical design of experiment (DoE) technique for optimizing the above selected welding parameters and statistical modelling technique was employed to understand their interactions and significance. Suitable parameters to achieve net-shape welds were identified. Experimental methodology and results are detailed and the results are discussed. Micro-hardness measurements and tensile stress testing were carried out. It has been shown that laser net-shape welded samples have superior mechanical properties.

Keywords: Fibre laser, mild steel, welding, geometry, net-shape, strength, statistical modelling, design of experiment (DoE) technique

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