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The Temperature Produced by the Overlapping of Multiple Transverse Laser Irradiation of Solids
M. Oane, G. Florescu, C. Oproiu and I.N. Mihailescu

The interaction of solids with multiple electromagnetic fields is of great importance in quantum electronics. This paper presents the investigations conducted on the behaviour of the heat transfer in a solid irradiated by multiple laser beams. The directions of the propagation of the laser beams are supposed to be along the Cartesian coordinate axes. The spatial distribution of the laser beams is supposed to be a sum of decoupled transversal modes ((m,n) for the first laser beam, (p,q) for the second laser beam and (r,t) for the third laser beam). The model is valid for any laser-solid system whose interaction can be described by the generalized Beer law. It is also possible to include the multi-photons absorption in the model. Calculations were performed using the integral transform method.

Keywords: Laser, laser beam interaction, overlapping, temperature, integral transform method

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