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Application of Mie Lidar in an Urban Air Pollution Detection
J. Cheng and W. Du

Mie lidar is more and more widely used for gas detection and pollution monitoring. The main advantages of this technique are big scattering cross section, strong echo signal and a potential for extreme compactness. An example of urban air pollution for atmospheric detection will be presented in this paper. Firstly, we discussed the lidar system parameters and the method of data processing. After that, from Thursday 5th May 2011 to Sunday 8th May 2011 we set equipment near the Rennan overpass at Chengdu, China. Both the typical data of a working day and a day off were monitored and recorded. Then the mass concentration of particulates in ground surface layer was inverted based on the data and compared with recorded vehicle flow. Finally, we found that the mass concentration of particulates had a good correlation between the vehicle flow. And the practicality and convenience of Mie polarized lidar for gas detection and pollution monitoring were validated as well.

Keywords: Mie scattering, Mie lidar, air pollution, detection, urban, traffic

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