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Characteristic of the transient response to Femtosecond laser irradiation of a silicon p-i-n Photodiode
X-A. Dou, X-Q. Sun and L. Shao

To study the characteristic of the transient response to femtosecond laser irradiation of a silicon p-i-n photodiode the transient response was experimentally examined and the physical model was established. The transient response characteristic was also analysed with the aid of quasi-three-dimensional technology computer aided design (CAD) software. The results indicate that the transient response waveform has an extended tail falling edge but an about 100 ps fast rising edge. This is contributed to by the displacement current in the first several picoseconds and then by the rapid collection of holes close to the anode electrode. The peak value of the transient response could linearly increase with the average power of femtosecond laser.

Keywords: Femtosecond laser, silicon p-i-n photodiode, ultrafast optics, transient response

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