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Microstructural and Performance Analysis of a Ceramic and Amorphous Reinforced Laser Clad Composite Coating
J-N. Li and S-L. Gong

A hard composite coating was fabricated by laser cladding of the Fe3Al-B4C- Co coated WC -Cu-TiN-Y2O3 mixed powders on Ti-3Al-2V in an open system. Experimental results indicated that a metallurgical combination between the composite coating and substrate was obtained. Moreover, an enhancement of the microhardness was mainly ascribed to the Fe3Al-TiC-TiB2-WC hard phase, amorphous phase, and refine grain reinforcement of TiB2-TiCu2Al. The Y2O3 addition was beneficial in producing the amorphous phase, and also reducing the internal stress of the composite coating. Due to such hard composite coating, the wear resistance of Ti-3Al-2V surface increased.

Keywords: CO2 laser, laser cladding, surfaces, intermetallics, titanium alloys, rare-earth oxides

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