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Development of the Schrödinger–Bohm Equation for Ultrashort Energy Pulses
J. Marciak-Kozlowska and M. Lozlowski

When operational, the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) will study nuclear reactions with ultrashort pulses in the region of attoseconds, zeptoseconds and even in the yoctosecond regime of gamma-rays. In this paper we formulate the theoretical framework for the investigation of the ultrashort energy pulses interaction with matter. We formulate and solve the thermal Schrödinger-Bohm equation. In this paper the Schrödinger- Bohm solution was obtained. It was shown that in all quantum processes the sub-quantum oscillation-strings with the frequency w = Mpc 2 / h exists and can influence the quantum structures.

Keywords: Schrödinger-Bohm equation, ultrashort energy pulses, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)

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