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Maximizing the Output Power of a Brillouin Fibre Laser by Employing Particle Swarm Optimization Modelling
H. A. Al-Asadi

Particle swarm optimization modelling for ring cavity Brillouin fibre laser (BFL) was developed and analysed, based on the use of stimulated Brillouin scattering. We demonstrate the utility of this modelling by applying it to the performance optimization of BFL for 11 km dispersion shifted fibre (DCF) length, using an optical circulator and an optical coupler with various coupling ratios. At the optimum coupling ratio of 90%, the optimum value of output power of about 8.83 dBm was achieved from BFL. For this model the simulation results were validated by the experimental results at maximum Brillouin pump power. A ring cavity BFL that operates at 1555.00 nm optimum Brillouin pump wavelength is demonstrated.

Keywords: Brillouin fibre laser, stimulated Brillouin scattering, dispersion shifted fibre, particle swarm optimization, modelling

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