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Deep Penetration Welding of Ti-6Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V with a Fibre Laser
W-M. Ou, X-H. Zhan, Y-H. Wei, G-Y. MI and C. Gu

The investigation laser beam welding (LBW) for Ti-6Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V with fibre laser has been carried out. The results of LBW show that the weld bead without defects could be obtained. In order to determine the factor which takes most important position to affect the depth and quality, the welding speed and power were chosen as two factors to devise the LBW orthogonal experiments of two different thickness specimens. The variance of the welding speed and power based on the penetration depth indicate that the power is the more important factor for LBW. In addition, an empirical model was proposed to represent the relationship between heat input and weld bead geometry parameters. The relationship of the heat input, melting efficiency and the penetration depth has been derived. The metallography by comparing with specimens of different groups shows that the heat input affects the microstructure but not so intense as geometric morphology.

Keywords: Fibre laser, titanium alloy, Ti-6Al-2Zr-1Mo-1V, laser beam welding (LBW), orthogonal experiments, metallographic observation, heat input, penetration depth

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