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Quantification of Biodegradable Analytes in Human Blood: An In Vitro Study
H. Ullah, F. Hussain, E. Ahmad and A. Malk

We report the quantification/monitoring of glucose levels in blood in vitro using optical diffuse reflectance (ODR) underlying variations in optical parameters with a 630.0 nm wavelength He-Ne laser. The scattering was mainly investigated due to red blood cells (RBCs) of approximately 8 μm in size by observing change in absorption coefficient, scattering coefficients and reduced scattering coefficient. We believe that these differences in optical properties will be helpful for the understanding and optimal use of laser applications in blood glucometry without piercing the skin.

Keywords: He-Ne laser, human blood, biodegradable, analytes, optical diffuse reflectance, red blood cells, glucose monitoring, pure water monitoring, salt levels

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