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Noise Resisting Performance of Consecutive Laser Ranging Using Different Pulse Interval Patterns
P-F. Du, D-X. Geng, W. Wang and M-L. Gong

A comparison of interference effects from noise on consecutive laser ranging using a modulation of different pulse interval patterns is performed numerically and experimentally. The pulse interval patterns to be compared include constant repetition rate pattern (CRRP), the alternation between long and short pulse interval pattern (ALSPIP) and pulse-position modulated pattern (PPM). Specified in consecutive range-gated laser ranging, evaluation models of interference effects on laser ranging using modulation of different pulse interval patterns in both single pulse detection and multiple pulse correlation detection modes are established respectively. Furthermore, the outdoor time-of-flight (TOF) ranging experiment is respectively conducted to verify the results from evaluation models of CRRP, ALSPIP and PPM. In order to increase the robustness of detection, parameter settings in pulse interval patterns are also analysed, based on the evaluation models.

Keywords: Laser range finder, consecutive laser ranging, integrated optoelectronic circuits, optical signal processing devices, pulse interval patterns, pulse-position modulation.

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