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A Dynamic Sheet Metal Bending Angle Measurement Method Based on Line Structured Lasers
R. Yan, L. Zhang, Z. Zhao, Y. Zhang and Y. Wang

In this study a new non-contact dynamical method of bending angle measurement, which is based on line-structured laser sensors, is presented. The method uses a new mathematical measurement model to obtain the bending angle, by calculating the line equations of the laser lines which are cast on both sides of the sheet metal and the die. A laser strips extraction method, based on Gaussian distribution and Hough transform, is used to avoid the disturbances of the complicated environment light and mirror reflection light in the industrial fields. The comparative experiment shows that the accuracy of the measurement system can reach up to 0.3o, and the measurement time, including image capturing and processing, can reach up to 50 ms, which can satisfy the precision requirements and high real-time demand.

Keywords: Diode laser, line structured laser, bending angle, measurement, calibration, non-contact, real-time, Hough transform

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