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Crystal Growth Morphology of Laser Alloyed Al-TiC on Titanium
Y-J. Li, Q-S. Ma and K. Liu

Laser alloying of the Al-TiC pre-placed powders onto a Ti substrate can form the ceramics reinforced composite layer. With Mo or Mo-Y2O3 addition, the laser alloyed layers exhibit the finer microstructures than before, and the ceramics in these layers also show the different sizes and morphologies. In this study, the crystals growth morphologies of the crystals, such as the some ceramics are investigated in detail. The experimental results indicated that Mo5(Si, Ti, Al)3C can be produced in the crystal boundary of the Al-TiC-Mo laser alloying layer on titanium, which may retard growth of TiC in a certain extent; Y2O3 may greatly refine Mo5(Si, Ti, Al)3C in the Al-TiC-Mo-Y2O3 laser alloyed layer, so the fine porous shape precipitates were observed in the crystal boundary.

Keywords: CO2 laser, titanium, Ti, Al-TiC, Mo, Mo-Y2O3, powder, microstructure, laser alloying, crystal growth morphology, composites

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