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Mechanical and Laser Shadowgraphy Studies of Nanosized Carbon Black Loaded Natural Rubber
D. I. Moubarak, J. A. Khaliel, T. Y. El-Rasasi, H. S. Ayoub, A. S. Abdel-Rahaman, S. A. Khairy, H. H. Hassan and Y. H. Elbashar

Natural rubber loaded with different ratios of N220 and N774 carbon black fillers were prepared. The mechanical properties of pure samples and those loaded with different ratios of carbon black were investigated. The highest values of tensile strength and elongation at break were observed at 80 and 30 phr for N220 and N774, respectively. The theoretical extended model of Mooney-Rivlin was supporting, the result of stress-strain, modulus of elasticity and internal friction characteristics. The constants A and B of the extended Mooney-Rivlin theoretical model were found to be in good agreement with the modulus of elasticity and internal friction, respectively.

Keywords: Laser shadowgraphy, natural rubber, carbon black, nanosized, internal friction, optical metrology

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