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Geometrical Characteristics in Laser Surface Alloying of a High-entropy Alloy
A. A. Siddiqui, A. K. Dubey and C. P. Paul

A high-entropy alloy (HEA) is a multi-component solid solution alloy stabilized by high entropy of mixing. These alloys are demanded in combustion engines, gas turbine components and medical implants. Lack of fusion and presence of pores are the main problems in processing of HEA using laser surface alloying process. This paper investigates the laser surface alloying process performance for alloying HEA (AlCu0.5FeNiTi) over AA1050 Al alloy. The effect of processing parameters on dilution percent, aspect ratio and clad angle have been studied, comprehensively. Empirical models for the above responses have been developed from experimental data. The optimization of these models result in 46.490%, 5.700% and 4.019% improvements in dilution percent, aspect ratio and clad angle, respectively. Lack of fusion, number of pores and their sizes were reduced under optimal parameters.

Keywords: Fibre laser, high-entropy alloy (HEA), aluminium alloy, AA1050, laser surface alloying, modelling and optimization, geometrical characteristics

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