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Adiabatic Implementation of Reversible Logic Circuits in CMOS Technology
Ali Khazamipour and Katarzyna Radecka

Reversible logic is of interest in many applications such as low power CMOS design, optical and quantum computation. Classical CMOS circuits, for which power consumption is always a big issue, find reversible solutions plausible due to their theoretical zero power dissipation [1]. On the other hand, emerging technologies often incorporate quantum effects, which are inherently reversible. Therefore at some point future circuits will be constructed from reversible logic gates. This paper focuses on the application of reversible ideas to classical circuits by proposing the implementation of reversible logic circuits in CMOS technology for low power and high performance applications. In particular, we explore an application of an adiabatic logic circuit model to structuring reversible combinational and sequential CMOS gates, since in circuits realizing adiabatic concept, similarly to reversible logic, the power consumption is zero in ideal case.

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