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An Interactive Decision Support System Based on Consistency Criteria
S. Alonso, F. J. Cabrerizo, F. Chiclana, F. Herrera and E. Herrera-Viedma

To achieve consistent solutions is an important goal in group decision making problems. However, the expression of preferences is often a very difficult task for the experts, specially in decision problems with a high number of alternatives and when experts use fuzzy preference relations to provide their opinions. This usually leads to situations where experts are not able to properly express all their preferences in a consistent way, that is, without contradiction. In this paper, to overcome this problem, we present a decision support system based on consistency criteria to aid experts to express their fuzzy preference relations in a more consistent way. The system works interactively with the expert by providing him/her recommendations on the preference values that he/she has not yet expressed. These recommendations are computed trying to maintain the expert’s consistency level as high as possible.

Keywords: fuzzy preference relations, decision support systems, incomplete information, consistency property

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