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Prioritization of Relational Capital Measurement Indicators Using Fuzzy AHP
Ahmet Beskese and F. Tunç Bozbura

Relational capital (RC) is one of the three sub-dimensions of the intellectual capital which is the sum of all assets that arrange and manage the firm’s relations with its environment. It contains the relations with outside
stakeholders (i.e. customers, shareholders, suppliers and rivals, the state, governmental institutions and society). The most important component of RC is customer relations, however, it is not the only one to be taken into consideration.

Measuring the RC is related to how the environment perceives the firm. To control and manage this perception, the companies must measure it first. This study aims at defining a methodology to improve the quality of
prioritization of RC measurement indicators under uncertain conditions. To do so, a methodology based on Chang’s extent fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is applied.

Within the model, main attributes, their sub-attributes and 9 measurement indicators are defined. To define the priority of each indicator, preferences of experts are gathered using a pair-wise comparison based

Keywords: Relational capital, intellectual capital, measurement indicators, fuzzy sets, AHP, prioritization.

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