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On-Line Assessment System for a Training System with Multiple Stages Based on Virtual Reality
Liliane dos Santos Machado, Milane Caroline de Oliveira Valdek and Ronei Marcos de Moraes

Some training situations are performed in several stages. In each one of those stages, different tasks must be precisely executed to reach specific objectives. At the end, the trainee will have reached the goal by the execution of all the stages. Nowadays, several kinds of training are performedusing virtual reality simulators to reduce costs and risks to humans. To perform an assessment of user performance in this kind of training system is necessary a computational system able to assess each stage and, at the end of all stages, generate a report of user status. This paper presents a system for multiple stages assessment using fuzzy rule-based expert system to monitor each stage of the virtual reality training. It can provide a global assessment for the user and if the performance is unsuccessfully it can show to user where he made mistakes. To show the relevance and use of this methodology, a simulator based on virtual reality for medicine was designed and implemented.

Keywords: On-line Training Assessment, Multiple Stages Training System, Virtual Reality.

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