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Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems with Fuzzy Processing Time and Fuzzy Duedate: An Application in an Engine Valve Manufacturing Process
Orhan Engin and Serife Gözen

In the conventional scheduling problem, the parameters such as the processing time for each job and due dates are usually assumed to be known exactly, but in many real-world applications, these parameters may vary dynamically due to human factors or operating faults. During the last decade, several works on scheduling problems used fuzzy approach with uncertain or imprecise data. In this study we present a fuzzy logic based tool for parallel machine scheduling problems. For solving this problem, a Genetic algorithm is proposed. Also an application is made in an engine valve manufacturing firm in Konya, Turkey. The results show that fuzzy based scheduling problems solved by genetic algorithms are effective and efficient for industrial manufacturing processes

Keywords: Parallel machine scheduling, fuzzy processing time, fuzzy due date, Genetic algorithm.

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