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A Linguistic-Valued Lattice Implication Algebra Approach for Risk Analysis
Li Zou, Da Ruan, Zheng PEi and Yang Xu

In the framework of the linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra, we present a linguistic-valued lattice implication algebra approach for risk analysis. The approach is based on a 10-element lattice with five linguistic hedges and two antonyms basic words. The proposed method better expresses and handles both comparable and incomparable information in risk analysis domains. The operations and special properties of the 10 evaluating linguistic values are discussed by their lattice implication algebra, which are suitable for expressing semantics of the 10 evaluating linguistic values as well as their logical characters. The reasoning and operation are directly acted by the evaluating linguistic values in the risk analysis process. An illustration example shows the proposed approach seems more effective for risk analysis under a fuzzy environment with both comparable and incomparable linguistic values.

Keywords: Evaluating linguistic values, lattice implication algebra, risk analysis, incomparable linguistic values

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