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Structures of Fuzzy Γ-hyperideals in Γ-semihypergroups
B. Davvaz and V. Leoreanu-Fotea

A Γ-semihypergroup is a generalization of a semigroup, a generalization of a semihypergroup and a generalization of a Γ-semigroup. In this paper, we define the notion of a fuzzy (prime) Γ-hyperideal of a Γ-semihypergroup. Then we prove some results in this respect. Also, by using the notion of fuzzy Γ-hyperideals, we give several characterizations of Artinian and Noetherian Γ-semihypergroups.

Keywords: Semihypergroup, Γ-semigroup, Γ-semihypergroup, fuzzy set, (prime) Γ-hyperideal, fuzzy (prime) Γ-hyperideal

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 20N20, 20N25.

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