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A Fuzzy DEMATEL-ANP Based Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach for Personnel Selection
Mehmet Kabak

Personnel selection is the process of choosing among the candidates applying for a defined job in the organization, the ones who have the qualifications required to perform the job in the best way. The selection process, depending on the organization’s targets, the availability of candidates and the individual preferences of the decision makers (DMs), is a highly complex problem. In addition, nature of the personnel selection problem requires both qualitative and quantitative criteria simultaneously. Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods and the fuzzy set theory are the best two approaches to cope with the multi-criteria nature of the personnel selection problem and vagueness of DMs’ predictions. For this aim, this paper proposes an effective model based on fuzzy DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) and fuzzy ANP (Analytic Network Process) to help organizations that need to evaluate and select applicants for a described job. The model first applies DEMATEL to cope with the interdependencies between evaluation criteria. Next, it uses the fuzzy ANP to compute weights for each criterion and evaluate applicants. In this paper, a fuzzy DEMATEL-ANP model is proposed for selection of snipers. Every soldier in the team executes different missions and one or two of them are needed to hit with the first shot. 10 criteria are used to evaluate team members. The best two candidates could be assigned as snipers.

Keywords: Multi criteria decision making, Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy DEMATEL, Fuzzy ANP, Personnel Selection.

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