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Applications of Soft Intersection Set Theory to h-hemiregular and h-semisimple Hemirings
Xueling Ma and Jianming Zhan

The aim of this article is to lay a foundation for providing a soft algebraic tool in considering many problems that contain uncertainties. In order to provide these soft algebraic structures, we make a new approach to hemirings by means of soft intersection set theory, with the concepts of SI-hemirings, SI-h-ideals and SI-h-interior ideals. Finally, we investigate the characterizations of h-hemiregular and h-semisimple hemirings by these kinds of SI-h-ideals.

Keywords: Soft set; SI-hemiring; SI-h-ideal; SI-h-interior ideal; h-hemiregular hemiring; h-semisimple hemiring.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 16Y60; 16E05; 16Y99.

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