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Fuzzy Similarity Approach to Air/Missile Defense Units Allocation in Area of Operation
Kerim Goztepe, Ercan Karaman and Ozkan Bali

The problem of defending units from air raids is a rather complex task in the battlefield. Especially in an uncertain air defense battle environment, the decision makers’ knowledge about units that need air protection consists of vagueness. Today’s air defense systems face sophisticated and sudden air threats that are characterized by increasing complexity. While reaction time gets shorter, threat becomes stronger in this new era. This paper aims to present a fuzzy similarity approach to allocate air defense units to deal with the sudden enemy air attacks against friendly units. An allocation system for air threat assessment is investigated based on fuzzy similarity. Firstly, the fuzzy similarity algorithm for deciding air/missile defense units allocation problem will be introduced. Then, appropriate decision makers, criteria and requests of units for air defense will be defined. Finally, the validity of the proposed model will be checked through the obtained results.

Keywords: Fuzzy similarity, fuzzy logic, TOPSIS, air and missile defense, air/missile defense units allocation (A/MDUA)

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