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A Novel Approach to Analyze S-boxes in Image Encryption Using Fuzzy Soft Set Aggregation Operator
Inayatur Rehman, Asima Razzaque and Tariq Shah

The security of an encryption algorithm is associated to the performance of the building block which is liable for producing ambiguity in the cipher. This functionality is attained by the use of an S-box. The perfection and effectiveness of an S-box has been a major problem of research in the area of cryptology. In this article, we apply fuzzy soft set theory to analyze the appropriateness and exactness of an S-box to image encryption application by using FS-aggregation operator.

Keywords: Soft set, fuzzy soft set, fuzzy set, FS aggregation, S-box, advanced encryption standard (AES), affine-power-affine (APA), SKIPJACK, Lui. J.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 94Dxx

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