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Fuzzy MCDM-procedure for Design Evaluation: Capturing Redundant Information with an Interaction Matrix
Pasi Luukka, Nikolai Efimov-Soini, Mikael Collan and Mariia Kozlova

Design choices made early in the product development process have an important impact on the chances of product commercialization and on product success in general. These choices are typically multiple-criteria problems, where estimates about the goodness of each criterion often contain overlapping redundant information. Many multiple-criteria decision-making methods that can support design selection exist, but there are very few methods out there that properly consider interdependent criteria and information redundancy. This paper proposes a new MCDM procedure for design evaluation that is able to capture overlapping information through a simple interaction matrix and weight-formation for each criterion that is based on the degree of their interaction. The use of the proposed procedure is numerically illustrated with a case study.

Keywords: MCDM, interacting variables, information redundancy, design choice

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