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Green Supplier Selection Using a Combined Fuzzy Decision-Making Approach
Selçuk Perçin

This paper aims to evaluate and select green suppliers using a combined fuzzy decision-making approach considering the interactions of evaluation criteria and company’s requirements. Firstly, fuzzy ANP is employed to deal with the interdependencies between criteria and to calculate the relative importance of each criterion. Secondly, a fuzzy axiomatic design (FAD) method is utilised that considers the functional requirements (FRs) of companies as well as the imprecise nature of the decision process for selecting green suppliers. A real case study is applied to verify the proposed methodology’s practicality by comparison with other MCDM methods. Finally, Spearman’s correlation test is employed to show that there is a strong association between the ranks of results. The proposed model will enable managers to improve their understanding of decision criteria from both economic and environmental perspectives. It will also assist them in selecting green suppliers that satisfy the needs of the company.

Keywords: Green supplier selection, fuzzy ANP, fuzzy axiomatic design, multicriteria decision-making (MCDM), green supply chain, performance measurement

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