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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices with Uncertain Rows and Columns and Their Application in Decision Making Problem
Madhumangal Pal

In this article, a very new kind of intuitionistic fuzzy matrix (IFM) is introduced, whose rows and columns are uncertain. In conventional fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy matrices the rows and columns are certain. But, in some real life problems it is seen that certain rows and columns may be uncertain or insignificant. Motivated from this idea, a new kind of IFM is defined. New arithmetic operators, viz. addition and complement are introduced. A new parameter called density is defined for IFM and presented several results for this new type of IFMs. This new concept is used to solve a decision making problem.

Keywords: Intuitionistic fuzzy matrix, fuzzy rows and columns, complement of intuitionistic fuzzy matrices, density of intuitionistic fuzzy matrices

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