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E-business Transformation for Organizational Management and Its Impact in the Online Market
Xiaoying Zhong, Mingyuan Si, A. Shanthini and Savitha V.

E-business will change the way of all companies, and much of their conventional businesses have been developed from the existing business model to a combination of place and space into an e-business model. Companies can build strong customer relationships and increase cross-sales chances with a successful digital transformation. In this study, Hybridized Integrated Statistical Model (HISM) has been proposed for identifying the impacts of e-business and organizational management in the online market. Execution of e-business helped the organizations move towards standardization by revealing variety and lack of process standardization between different business units. Data analysis demonstrates positive and expressive relationships between the internet and customers with e-business and similar e-business experiences for internal organizational processes with the organization’s performance. The numerical results show that the proposed HISM method achieves a high productivity ratio of 96.7%, an organizational performance ratio of 97.2%, a customer satisfaction ratio of 95.6%, an online sales ratio of 94.3%, decision-making level of 93.8% when compared to other exist- ing methods.

Keywords: E-business transformation, organizational management, online market, statistical model

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