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T Cell Tolerance and its Relationship to Autoimmunity in T Cell Receptor Transgenic Mice
Katsuyuki Yui, Avinash Bhandoola, Akiho Tamura, Chang Bae Son, Makoto Katsumata, Curtis C. Maier and Mark I. Greene

RasT24 Driven by a Probasin Promoter Induces Prostatic Hyperplasia in Transgenic Mice
Roberto Barrios, Russell M. Lebovitz, Amy L. Wiseman, David L. Weisoly, Robert J. Matusik, Franco DeMayo and Michael W. Lieberman

Cyclins D1, D2 and D3 are Expressed in Distinct Tissues During Mouse Embryogenesis
Adriano Aguzzi, Markus Kiess, Daniela Ruedi and P.A. Hamel

Disregulated Expression of Leukosialin (CD43) in the Erythroid Lineage of Transgenic Mice Results in Microcytosis
Julie R. Ostberg, Leonard L. Dragone, Richard Waugh, Daniel Ryan, John G. Frelinger and Richard K. Barth

Comparative Methotrexate Resistance of Transgenic Mice Expressing Two Distinct Dihydrofolate Reductase Variants
Jill A. Morris, Chad May, Hyin S. Kim, Rohaizah Ismail, John E. Wanger, Roland Gunther and R. Scott McIvor

Occurrence of Craniofacial Anomalies and Liver Tumor in Transgenic Mice Expressing Osteoblast-Specific Factor-1 (OSF-1) Gene
Kenji Moriyama, Hiroyuki Naora, Masahiro Sato, Norihiro Tada, Kazuhiro Kasai and Hiroki Otant

Study of Genomic Recombination of Foreign DNA Co-injected with Restriction Endonuclease into Maturing and Inseminated Bovine Oocytes
Marc Gagne, Francois Pothier and Marc-Andre Sirard

Regulation of Thymidine Kinase Gene Expression during Liver Regeneration and Uterine Tissue Proliferation in Transgenic Mice
Dae Kee Lee, Woong Sun, Kunsoo Rhee, E. Aubrey Thompson, Chung Choo Lee and Kyungjin Kim

Investigation of an Antisense RNA Gene Effect on the Reproduction of the Bovine Leukaemia Virus
S. Kozireva, V. Konicheva, M. Murovska, V. Baurin, D. Shayakhmetov, L. Ernst, M. Prokofiev and T. Tikchonenko

Overexpression of HSP70 in Transgenic Mice Results in Increased Cell Thermotolerance
Charalampos E. Angelidis, Christina Nova, Ioannis Lazarisis, Demetrios Kontoyiannis, George Kollias and Gerassimos N. Pagoulatos