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Introduction of Human Cd40 Gene with Immunoglobulin Enhancer and Promoter Created Mice with a Population of Human Cd40+ Early B Lineage Cells in the Bone Marrow
Seiji Inui, Atsuko Sakata, Kazuhiko Maeda, Fumi Tashiro, Jun-Ichi Miyazaki and Nobuo Sakaguchi

Sperm-mediated Gene Transfer by Direct Injection of Foreign DNA into Mouse Testis
Masahiro Sato, Kaori Gotoh and Minoru Kimura

In Vitro Embryo Development of Good and Poor Quality Bovine Oocytes Following Microinjection of DNA

A.s. Garst, S.K. Carlin, J.R. Gibbons, K.W. Kendrick, R.E. Pearson, R.M. Akers, T.L. Bailey, W.H. Velander, H.K. Lubon and F.C. Gwazdauskas

Embryo Transfer via Oviductal Wall: An Alternative Method for Efficient Production of Transgenic Mice
Masahiro Sato, Toshiki Watanabe and Minoru Kimura

Ectopic Expression of Class I Histocompatibility Dd Proteins During Mouse Development Results in Neural Tube Defects
Tennore Ramesh and Brett T. Spear

Analysis of the Mouse Msxl Gene Promoter Using Embryonic Stem Cell-Mediated Transgenics

Monica Pereira, Denis Houzelstein, Giovanna Vinci, Arlette Cohen, Eliana Abdelhay and Benoit Robert